Two projects developed by Energía Aljaval have been preliminary awarded by the Energy Secretary in the third long-term Energy Auction in Mexico

The Energy Secretary (SENER) published on November 22th the definitive results of the evaluation process based on the Economical Offers submitted by the participants in the Third Long-Term Auction. The average Price for clean energy has been established around US Dollars 20.57, what is representing one of the lower prices worldwide.

Within the awarded projects has been included two big projects developed by Energia Aljaval. 125MW PV project located in Sonora State and 104MW PV project located in Zacatecas State, these projects would be signing in the upcoming months a PPA with Comision Federal de la Electricidad (CFE) for selling the energy produced during the next 15 years and the Energy Clean Cetificates for the next 20 years.

There have been a lot of companies participating and at the end there were 46 companies that submitted the economical offer. At the end it has been selected 16 projects, of which 11 are solar PV projects.

The target provided from SENER was achieved reaching between all the offers the next figures for each year:

  • 5.49 millions of MWh, energy
  • 5.95 millions of Green Energy Certificates (GECs), and
  • 593 MW-year of Power.

That is fulfilling within 90.2% of the Energy purchasing offer, 97.8% of the GECs purchasing offer and 41.9% of the Power purchasing offer.

Regarding the awarded projects, 55.35% of the Energy and 58.31% of the GECs would be provided by solar PV projects. That means that the projects developed by Energía Aljaval are representing about a 14% with regards of the awarded solar projects in this Mexican tender. The rest of the energy and GECs would be provided through wind projects.

The awarded projects add a combined capacity of 2,562 MW, what means 15 new power plants awarded in this tender and with an approximate investment of 2,369 Millions of USD in the next 3 years.

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