Rent or sell your land for renewable energy

Do you have a piece of land and would like to rent it or sell it to a company to install a solar or wind farm? At Energía Aljaval we will be happy to analyze its possibilities and give you the best price in case it is suitable for a renewable installation.

Leasing your land for photovoltaic or wind energy is very simple

If your land meets the feasibility requirements for an installation of solar panels or windmills, which we detail below, you can contact us without any commitment requesting an offer of long-term lease or sale of the property. At Energía Aljaval we have been developing renewable energy projects for more than ten years. We operate internationally in different countries in Europe and LATAM such as Spain, Italy, Mexico or Brazil, among others.

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Requirements to install solar panels on your farm or land

We look for land from 5 hectares onwards in any geography. Although the characteristics that we show below would be ideal, if your land does not meet any of them we can analyze it equally since it is possible that it is suitable for a solar or wind installation. The basic characteristics of the terrain for the installation of solar panels or wind turbines should be:

  • Urban qualification: land of rustic nature not protected and without easements. We will carry out a legal evaluation or due diligence and consult if you have conditions from an archaeological and environmental point of view.
  • Flat soil with no protected vegetation. Although we will carry out an analysis of the topography of the terrain and geotechnical studies will be made, ideally the soil should be as flat as possible and without vegetation. It doesn’t matter if it is being cultivated, we will take over.
  • Flood-free. The floodability of the terrain will be one of the first factors that we will take into account when analyzing it.
  • Close to electrical infrastructures. Although you do not have to know, we will need the land to be near an electrical evacuation point, whether substations or medium and high voltage lines. Do not worry, we will make all the necessary inquiries.

These are the basic characteristics that a land must have to be suitable for mounting solar panels or wind turbines on it. Once we receive it, we will perform a solar or wind resource analysis to evaluate the viability of the project. We will study the characteristics of the terrain, its slopes, its orography, etc. to eliminate all possible risks.

Characteristics of the land contract to install solar panels or wind turbines

Contracts for the installation of solar panels or wind turbines have common characteristics in the market, marked by the times necessary for the development and processing of a project of this type. Before starting to build the electricity generation installation, it is necessary to carry out a work of processing, carrying out studies and engineering that, generally, entails a period of one to three years depending on different factors.

In general, a purchase or lease option will be necessary, as the case may be, to cover this period before the final contract is formalized and the works begin.

As for the duration in the case of lease, it currently ranges between 30 and 40 years. Generally, a period is usually established with options to extension. When the contract ends you should not worry about the state of conservation of your farm, since the dismantling of the installation is mandatory.

Advantages of collaborating with Energía Aljaval

Firstly you will increase the value of your land, giving a new life to unused or low-yielding land.

You will contribute, through the generation of renewable energy, to decarbonization and the conservation of the environment.

Our experience in the sector is based on sustainability, seriousness and transparency in commercial relations, respect for the commitments assumed and flexibility towards the needs of all the parties with whom we develop a collaboration.

Use for other renewable technologies: green hydrogen

You’ve probably heard of new renewable technologies being developed, such as green or renewable hydrogen (H2V). This type of hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water, a process that must be supported by renewable energies.

Energía Aljaval, as a group specialized in renewable energy, also develops green hydrogen projects globally. If you own a piece of land and are interested in the subject, the main feature we are looking for for this type of project is to have access to water on the farm. The location or location of this type of project is key, since it will be necessary to export the hydrogen produced. In addition to this, we will need to connect the renewable energy plant, so the land will need to continue to meet the characteristics mentioned above.

Currently this energy has various purposes, and can be consumed in industries such as ceramics or chemistry. It can also be destined for “hydrogens” or, in the future, even be exported via gas pipelines.

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